HYPERVSN Pro Management Software Advanced 3D holographic software delivers the HYPERVSN WOW effect, giving you full control over immersive media campaigns, devices, users and analytics.

Pro Management Software has been designed specifically for the HYPERVSN devices to complete perfect user experience and provide the most efficient workflow. It is a set of cloud services, corresponding infrastructure and apps offering full control of all our integrated system components.
Easy setup & control
smart system with a user-friendly interface
Private & secure
all your content is malware protected and securely stored in the cloud
Flexible, modular system
with three apps to choose from for one or multiple devices

HYPERVSN applications meet your business needs

Mobile application

  • Setup, configure and calibrate your HYPERVSN Device and holographic content
  • Browse our media library, preview content you like and download in seconds
  • Create and manage playlists both online and offline
  • Switch between playlists in real time
  • Manage your HYPERVSN Device in real time, switch media files & playlists

Desktop application

  • Setup, configure and manage media content for your HYPERVSN Wall on your PC
  • Browse our media library, preview content you like and download it in just a few clicks
  • Manage your media on your HYPERVSN Wall: upload, preview & check storage
  • Create playlists in advance and manage them in real-time on your devices

Cloud CMS

  • Manage users: add, delete, define permissions and more
  • Manage and control devices remotely: set location, check status, tag devices and form groups
  • Control devices via our user-friendly online scheduler
  • Manage media on devices remotely and create media campaigns
  • Create reports for each campaign

Products for efficient business workflow

HYPERVSN products are designed to bring business value with captivating visuals resembling holograms. Just choose one of 2 products - Solo or Wall - and all required software and hardware will be included.