3D HYPERVSN Hologram in Switzerland with HYPERVISUAL

Discover groundbreaking 3D HYPERVSN hologram in Switzerland with HYPERVISUAL

Attract All Eyes with 3D HYPERVSN Hologram in Switzerland

HYPERVISUAL is a Swiss SME based in Fribourg, specializing in the sale, rental, and installation of innovative 3D HYPERVSN Hologram in Switzerland. With 5 years of experience in the Swiss market, we offer visually striking visual signage solutions for commercial events, retail stores, and any activity that requires an attention-grabbing way to engage the audience.

Digital Signage Solutions in Switzerland

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Deliver tangible ROI with 3D HYPERVSN Hologram

*Stats are based on HYPERVSN case studies with 3rd party data providers.

Want to see how 3D HYPERVSN Hologram can impact your business objectives in Switzerland?

Drive Brand Awareness
Boost emotional response

40% longer viewing and engagement time compared with standard 2D digital signage.

88% percent of people showed signs of happiness interacting with HYPERVSN.

Generate Leads
Increase Sales

2x higher chance of a holographic image being seen.

up to 40% increase of promoted product.

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3D Hologram Displays for Business - HYPERVISUAL Switzerland

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Working with HYPERVSN is simple

HYPERVSN is a holographic display system that projects 3D content through a rapidly rotating LED screen, creating captivating visual effects.

Holographic display

A four-ray rotor display that shows 3D content which appears to float in midair.

HYPERVSN Software Suite

Effortlessly manage secure 3D content and devices with advanced software control.

3D Content

A variety of superior 3D content solutions to create, order and upload content.

Unlock the secrets of 3D HYPERVSN Hologram Switzerland solutions by exploring our “How It Works” page. 


Discover the innovative technology that brings mesmerizing 3D holograms to life for your marketing in Switzerland.

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Let’s discuss the project you have in mind and we’ll help you find the perfect 3D content solution to bring it to life.



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John Simpson

Hypervisual provided us with a 3D HYPERVSN Hologram in Switzerland for our product launch, and it was a game-changer. The product display was stunning and innovative, and our guests were thoroughly impressed.

Use cases with 3D HYPERVSN Hologram in Switzerland

Let’s amaze your audience with breathtaking 3D holographic advertising

Client Testimonials of 3D HYPERVSN Hologram in Switzerland

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Hypervisual's support and maintenance for our HYPERVSN equipment have been top-notch. Their expertise ensures our 3D holographic fan operates smoothly, and their team is always available to address any issues.
Tissot luxury watch group executives captivated by a 3D hologram of a butterfly during the launch of their new collection showcase
Hypervisual's HYPERVSN 3D holographic solution helped us transform our store display. The 3D holographic fan created an immersive and dynamic experience that captivated our customers and boosted engagement.
Nestle marketing team standing amazed in front of the 3D holographic projection displayed at their innovation conference
Hypervisual's HYPERVSN holographic equipment is a game-changer. We were thrilled with the innovative and engaging product display at our trade show. Our booth was the talk of the event.
The CEO of Roche Diagnostic Pharmaceuticals expresses amazement at the 3D Hypervsn holographic technology used at their annual leadership summit
Hypervisual's HYPERVSN equipment is top-of-the-line. Their sales team provided us with expert advice and guidance, ensuring we selected the best solution for our needs. We are thrilled with the results.
Rolex brand ambassador Roger Federer claps in awe at the realistic 3D hologram animation used during his sponsorship product launch


Giant Digital Screens for Indoor and Outdoor Use - HYPERVISUAL Switzerland

Large Advertising Display LED Screen

Hypervisual provides a variety of giant LED screens suitable for various applications. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in advertising, create an immersive experience at an event, or enhance your business space, our LED screens have you covered.
Hypervisual Digital Furniture LED

Digital Furniture Display

Our reception counters feature integrated screens on the front and sides, creating striking showcases for your advertising messages, products, and services. Whether at a tradeshow, showroom, or retail space, these tailored counters deliver maximum visual impact.



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